Let's make something!

I'm Rico and the Cornerfield Shop is the place where I make all sorts of things.
You can find videos of those things on my YouTube channel and here on my website.

Since 2010 I've been intrigued with making and maker spaces like YouTube.
After many years of hobby projects I decided to share my passion with the world.
Making has brought me a lot of amazing things and I want to inspire others to have a similar experience.
Hopefully you are triggered by my projects and want to start making something!

If you are looking for more inspiration, check out my channels

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Latest projects


Charging station

This video is all about making a practical piece of furniture for storing my battery-powered tools.  This charging station is a shop project, nothing fancy. Let’s get started! Design For this project, I gathered some inspiration from other creators but I didn’t make a specific...

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Rico Lemmert

I love to make things, inspire people and help others. The Cornerfield Shop combines everything I love in one place.